Our Reason for Being


Educate people on the environmental problems facing our planet, provide solutions for healing of the environment, and inspire people to become daily stewards of the earth.


We will deliver content in a humorous and educational format. We believe that we can have the greatest impact by inspiring viewers through a highly creative and entertaining platform.


It is important to us to practice and encourage sustainability.  Our values fall into three spheres:

Beauty and Authenticity

– creative and artistic production
– relevant and meaningful content
– freedom to create and align ourselves with partners that share our beliefs


– healing and ongoing stewardship of the earth
– service to humanity
– relationships with experts
– personal responsibility, integrity, courage

Operational Integrity

– implement what we learn
– take only what we need
– give back first

Special Feature: CLICK HERE FOR A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK at Urban Conversion

Rodman SchleyRodman Schley | Host

Rodman Schley is not your typical “tree hugger”. In fact, he is a fiscally conservative businessman who places a high value on social responsibility for both humanity and our planet.

As the creator and executive producer of Urban Conversion, Rodman travels the country putting himself in the most “extreme green” projects, to learn about how we can all make changes to save our planet. In the United States, there is an increasing movement towards living sustainable lifestyles in urban environments. More and more people are working hard to create sustainable lifestyles in order to reduce their carbon footprints, and be more environmentally friendly. Some of these lifestyles are quite extreme. From raising backyard chickens in the city, to using solar, converting Rodman from a city slicker businessman to an off-the-grid environmentally friendly citizen is ultimately the “Urban Conversion”.

No one is better suited for this role than Rodman. This is primarily because being the host of Urban Conversion is not a role. It is not scripted, it is his actual life. Rodman currently owns multiple successful businesses in the Denver metropolitan area, and has a fairly large carbon footprint. He is embarking on a quest to reduce that carbon footprint, and ultimately convert himself, and his businesses, to a more eco-friendly status. In doing so, the internal conflict between the fiscal conservative and the socially responsible citizen provide for many interesting and humorous situations.


Gina Headshot Gina Schley | Co-Host

Gina is a free spirit that simply chose a direction. In Gina’s eyes, a move towards sustainability is as much about making a better life for her family, as it is creating a better future for all. Never afraid to get her hands dirty, Gina is no stranger to the compost pile, growing her own food and finding new ways to make her family’s home life more sustainable. Where Rodman is the whit and analysis of the show, Gina is the heart, engaging each new topic from a place of peace, certainty and passion.