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Urban Conversion is a television show that is about creating a sustainable, green lifestyle, in an urban setting. In the spirit of the show, we are creating an online community of individuals seeking to nourish, protect, and create sustainable practices to protect our planet. There are so many people in our world that have such an incredible wealth of knowledge. We are looking for those people to share their wisdom, ideas and thoughts of the things that we can all do to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are looking for the people who care about making a difference as much as we do.

Ask yourself the following:
  •   Are you passionate about environmental and sustainability issues?
  •   Do you want to make a difference, and have a positive impact on our planet?
  •   Do you want to become a part of a green community, where you are a global leader?
  •   Have you been looking for an open platform and forum where you can teach and inspire?
  •   Do you have a voice, and a message, that needs to be heard around the globe?
  •   Do you have exceptional writing skills?
  •   Are you looking to share your knowledge and expertise with a targeted global audience?
  •   If you answered yes, then you are the sustainability leadership that we are looking for.


Benefits of being a Professional Contributor:

You will be listed on our website’s Professional Contributor page, and will have a Professional Profile page that will include:

  1.   A profile picture, as well as up to 3 additional photos.
  2.   Your Name
  3.   Your Organization/Business
  4.   Personal Biography
  5.   Organization/Business Bio
  6.   Link to your website
  7.   Link to your blog
  8.   Link to your social media sources (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube)
  9.   Contact information


The Facts:

The Pay
Urban Conversion does not pay for submissions. We seek to help leaders utilize an international platform, from which they can establish themselves as international professionals in their specialty.

The Commitment
We are looking for professional contributors to write a minimum of one article, or DIY instructional guide per month. You can write more if you would like.

The Content
We are seeking articles related to environmental and sustainability issues. These articles can be informational, or have how-to/DIY instructional content.

The Submissions
Content submitted does not need to be original content; however, if the content has been previously published, we need to make sure that we also have the rights to publish the same article. Original content is desired, but not mandatory.

Article Ownership
The article is, and will remain your property. In addition, you will retain all copyrights to the article. However, by submitting your article to Urban Conversion, you are giving Urban Conversion the right to publish the article.

Quality of the Content
The professional’s bio was developed for the self-promotion of our contributors. Submitted articles cannot include the self-promotion of any business, services or products. In addition, press releases are not permitted. Any promotional articles will be rejected.

Length of the Article
Articles should contain no less than 200 words, and no more than 1,000 words. There are exceptions; however, be sure that your information is delivered in a manner that is easy to read and full of good, useful information.

Photos and Videos
All articles must consist of at least one (1) photo, which is relevant to the content in the article. Photos must be the property of the article owner (you). If you are not the owner of the photo, please ensure that you have permission from the owner to use the photo with your article on the Urban Conversion website. You may also include a video as part of your article; however, the same rules apply to videos as photos. By submitting photos and videos, you agree that you are taking full legal responsibility for those photos and videos.

How Articles Should be Written
We are looking for articles that reflect your expertise on a topic; however, we are also looking for your personal stories about what you are personally doing to make a positive environmental impact. Again, we are not looking for self-promotion, rather the implementation of a concept or idea. Articles can be written from either a first person or third person perspective, depending on the context of the article.

Right to Use
By submitting your article to Urban Conversion, you give the owners of Urban Conversion (and any representative of Urban Conversion) the right to use your article, selected excerpts from the article, any related photos/videos on any section of Urban Conversion website. In addition, you give permission to Urban Conversion to use the preceding on any other website or social media platform in an effort to promote Urban Conversion website and community.

Meeting the Obligations
If you are not meeting your obligations listed under “The Commitment”, we will remove your biography page from the Professional Contributors page. However, your articles will remain on our site, based on the information listed under “Article Ownership” and “Right to Use”.

We reserve the right to:

  • Accept or reject any submission
  • Edit any submission
  • Return any article to you for editing for grammar, length, quality of content, etc.


Getting Started

If you’re interested in being a Contributor, please contact us at

We are excited to see your work!

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