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Season 2: Alternative Building – Episode Update

In Season 2, Urban Conversion explores alternative building ideas with methods and materials that are eco-friendly, less expensive, locally sourced, better insulated AND beautiful!   We wanted to share some updated images of the finished construction! STRAW BALE HOME: Urban

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The Hobbit House

Most of us have seen the spectacular pictures of the famed “Hobbit House” built by craftsman Simon Dale in Wales. This video is a pictorial tour of the construction process from the ground up. Mr. Dale constructed this home with

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Painting Out Climate Change, One Roof at a Time

White Roof Project founder Juan Carlos P.E. paints a roof in New York City. NYC’s White Roof Project aims to paint every roof in the world white by 2030. If every rooftop in the world was painted white, the White

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Earthships: The Power of Unconventional Ideas

In his book, A Coming of Wizards, Michael Reynolds said four mystical beings, whom he called “wizards,” appeared to him in psychedelic visions and gave him ideas that have guided his work. He wrote that the wizards taught him to

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