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What happens when you take a conservative city slicker, and drop him into an “extreme green” off-the-grid lifestyle? You get Urban Conversion! There is currently a global movement to create sustainable homestead–type lifestyles in urban areas, and in the world of “going-green”, Rodman Schley is eager to learn about what he can do to make positive sustainable changes in his own life.

Rodman is a fiscally conservative businessman, who is on a socially responsible quest to reduce his own current carbon footprint. From raising chickens and goats in the city, to making the switch to renewable energy resources, host Rodman learns how to make the ultimate conversion from his current urban business lifestyle, to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Experience the internal conflict and humor that ensues, as the worlds of the extreme green and conservative city slicker collide. Urban Conversion is about educating Rodman, and ultimately educating urbanites about making small changes that can significantly reduce their negative environmental impact.

Travel across the country with us as we seek out the extremes of going green!

Special features:

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Season 1 | Urban Conversion looks back at Season 1, released in Spring of 2015 on PBS and the Create Channel.

Episode 1_large

Backyard Farm with Sundari Kraft | Denver, Colorado    Goats, chickens and plenty of natural fertilizer – Rodman learns what it takes to be a backyard urban farmer from Sundari Kraft in Denver, Colorado.  Sundari  runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm out of her city lot.  She not only tore up her front lawn to plant veggies but she also raises farm animals in her backyard.  Rodman explores chicken keeping, goat milking, and more in this entertaining backyard farm episode.

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Episode 2_large

Burbs and the Bees with Corwin Bell | Eldorado Springs, Colorado  What would you do if your neighbor wanted to bring in thousands of honeybees?  Bee guardian, Corwin Bell, teaches Rodman and Gina the importance of honeybees in not only agriculture but also your local neighborhood.  The population of honeybees is declining rapidly but you can help!  Find out how in this fascinating episode on backyard beekeeping.

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Episode 3_Sam Kass

White House and Monticello with Sam Kass | Washington, DC  Rodman and Gina explore the roots of gardening First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden.  Chef Sam Kass teaches them the history and the modern reasons why the White House would have a garden, keep bees, compost, and donate to local soup kitchens all from working the land on the south lawn of the White House which also happens to be a National Park.  From there they visit Thomas Jefferson’s farm at Monticello and learn the ancestry of seeds and how we can enjoy tastes from the past on our plates today.

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Dukes Garage EpidosdeAlternative Fuel  with Duke’s Altschuler | Boulder, Colorado  Could an alternatively fueled car be in Rodman’s future?  Rodman learns whats down the road for Hydrogen fuels, gets his hands dirty collecting bio diesel, and is “shocked” to learn about a mechanics shop that converts classic cars to electric.

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Green YouGreen U with the University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado  Rodman goes back to school learn how one campus is leading the way towards sustainability in higher education.  He will be living, learning, and putting one up for the home team as a non-traditional student.

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Detroit FarmingDetroit Urban Farming with Taja Seville | Detroit, Michigan  Rodman sees first hand the positive effects of urban farming as it shapes a new identity for a Detroit Community. Leading the way is Taja Seville and her Urban Farming organization, who take him into the city to see hope is springing up from vacant lots and community programs.

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HomebrewHome Brewing with Dean Andres | Arvada, Colorado  Gina, forever hopeful that Rodman will embrace a sustainable lifestyle, encourages him to find a hobby.  Rodman discovers the hands on, fun process of home brewing with a local home brewing club. Could this be the hobby he has been looking for?

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Farm to TableFarm to Table with Isabelle Farms, The Kitchen, & Jack Johnson | Lafayette, Colorado  – Date night at The Kitchen, a farm to table restaurant, sends Rodman and Gina on a mission to follow their food back to its roots, volunteering at Isabelle Farms, a local organic market farm.  While putting their hands to the dirt, they go beyond the buzz words to see what goes into local, biodiverse, organic growing. Featuring special guest musician and sustainability advocate, Jack Johnson.

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